Structural Work

Stephen is very experienced with the Structural side of building works having worked on numerous projects where the structural integrity was paramount to the preservation of the building.

This often includes, but is not limited to; insertion of Steel Beams, Oak Beams, Lintels, Timber Framing, Oak Posts and the tying in of these to the existing fabric of the building.

When nescessary we will bring in Structural Engineers to advise above and beyond the original directions from Building Regulations, to ensure the structural integrity of the building is maintained throughout the project and thereafter.

With historic buildings, such as Cob or Stone dwellings of several centuries age, there is often structural damage or weakness that does need to be addressed and occasionally this is only revealed when the project has begun and surface materials like plaster work have been removed.

Subject to listing, structural work can also involve increasing window and door openings, creating new openings (Patio doors for eg), or adding extensions.

The sensitive use of Oak Beams to cover Steel framing allows for modern open plan living in Barn Conversions whilst still retaining the authentic character and feel.

Examples of Work