Working with Stone

Stone, being a porous material, is susceptible to water penetration in and around the joints and behind the Mortar when the incorrect Mortar is used - much of our work with Stone is the re-instatement of appropriate Lime Mortars in order to protect Stonework from decay or excessive movement. Lime Mortars allow the stone to breathe without allowing excess moisture to build up and cause further damage.

Stephen is a highly accomplished Stone Mason with many years experience working with this material, from New builds and conversions, Dry Stone walling, Retaining walls, as well as rebuilding and re-pointing ancient Stone walling.

Problems with Stone walls, such as collapse, root invasion and water penetration can all be easily rectified, taking care to re-instate old stone in the same sequence as it was originally placed to maintain any lichen and weathering patterns etc.

Lime Mortars are our chosen medium for repairing Stone work and are widely recognised as the best Mortar for preservation and longevity of Stone work. We often undetake work that includes the raking out of Cement Mortar and repointing with the appropriate Lime Mortar.

Examples of Work